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ChAD 67 Spring 2010 Diversity Assignment – 8 points Group preparation: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Interviews Due: In class and turnitin.com on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Purpose: To use appropriate social skills to enhance learning and develop positive interpersonal relationships with diverse groups and individuals, and to understand various social issues and policies that affect the integrated person throughout development (e.g., day-care, use of performance-enhancing drugs, care of the elderly). {GE SLO 3, 8} Format: Interviews: typed before class on February 24 Discussion summary: handwritten in-class Directions: Step 1: In-class preparation (February 10) Decide who you are going to interview. o Your two interviewees should be different from one another in either age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, SES, etc. o Preferably, your 2 individuals will be similar in all aspects except the one that you are researching. Example: You choose to do a gender comparison, so you interview your roommate
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