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Student/Teacher Interaction Data Gathering Activity Example 8:45: Teacher is explaining the agenda to the class. C is sitting crossed leg on the floor listening to the teacher. Teacher asks for Group B to line up at the door to go to computers, C stands up and walks to the drinking fountain. He walks to the line and starts talking to a classmate. 8:50: The teacher asks C if he is in group A or B and he responds A. C walks back to the carpet, sits down and starts talking to the other students. The teacher calls for attention, C continues to talk. Teacher does her attention getting signal “3, 2, 1, eyes on me”. C stops talking. The teacher explains that they are going to do spelling book. C begins to talk to a classmate. 8:55: Teacher excuses table groups to go back, and C’s table is the last one on the floor. The teacher walks up to C and puts her arm on his shoulder, and says that “when C and G are being respectful that they may go back to their desks”. They stop talking; the teacher excuses them to their desks. 9:00: C takes out his spelling book and says out loud “What page are we on?”
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Stud-tcher_interact_ex - Student/Teacher Interaction Data...

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