ME120_Mid_Term_Example - 8. __________ measure pressure...

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ME120 Experimental Methods Ananda Mysore Spring 2009 3/12/2009 ME120 Experimental Methods Mid Term Exam Spring 2009 Example Paper Duration: 1 Hour Total points: 50 Answer all questions Section A. Each question below carries 1 point 1. ___________ is the capability of distinguishing individual units separately from one another. 2. Aliasing occurs due to _____________ 3. Sensing principle used in LVDT ___________ 4. The ___________ is a phenomenon in which photon energy (i.e. from light) releases electrons from their otherwise more stable state on a surface 5. _________ & _________ are the two important factors to related to temperature that need to be considered for strain gages 6. Temperature-dependent resistance is the sensing principle used in ________ 7. Pyrometer is a contact type temperature measuring device: True OR False? ____________
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Unformatted text preview: 8. __________ measure pressure based on the pressure differences in liquid columns 9. __________ measure how the resistance of a filament changes with temperature in a Wheatstone bridge circuit 10. A _________ is a common device for quantifying fluid velocity based on stagnation pressure Section B. 1. Convert -121 to 2s complement of 8-bit binary number (10 points) 2. A type E thermocouple is placed in an oven and connected to a computer DAQ system. The Junction box temperature is ME120 Experimental Methods Ananda Mysore Spring 2009 3/12/2009 independently measured to be 30degC. The thermo couple voltage is found to be 37.0mV. What is the temperature of the oven? (15 points) 3. Explain the working of a Capacitance sensor with a diagram (10 points) 4. What is a Thermopile? (5 points)...
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ME120_Mid_Term_Example - 8. __________ measure pressure...

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