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Speculative Fiction Journals - How to Access Literature...

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How to Access Literature about Science Fiction Of course, in English 1B, or sooner, you will get a detailed introduction to the resources available to you at the King Library. Meanwhile, I hope this little guide will help you find what you need for your last project in this class. The King librarians will also be delighted to help, and you can even get help online. Steps for Finding SF articles and books in King online 1. Go to the SJSU website and find “King Library” fourth from the left across the top, click on it. 2. From the menu on the left side of the page, click “Articles and Databases” 3. Click the “M” tab 4. Search down until you find “MLA Bibliography” 5. You will be presented with a set of search boxes, each with a separate menu with “subject,” “keyword,” “theme,” “name of work” and so on. NOTE: “author” means author of the article, not author of a book you want articles about. Use your author’s name in “keyword” or “subject.” 6. Click in the boxes of articles that look good, then email the citations to yourself or save them on a flash drive. Some will say “get text,” others will be “full text.” Both will lead you to the actual words of the article. Rarely will you have to actually find the print source. 7. Of course, you can also find books on your topic in the library, and many articles are printed in books on the shelf with your author’s books.
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Speculative Fiction Journals - How to Access Literature...

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