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Agreement to Participate in Research Responsible Investigators: Title of Protocol: _Complementary Alternative Care for _Persons with Schizophrenia Living in the Community 1. You have been asked to participate in a research study investigating the relationship between chiropractic care and quality of life 2. You will be asked to fill out several surveys about your Quality of Life and pain. You will also be assessed for your risk of cardiometabolic illnesses. 3. By participating in this project you may increase your physical functioning and a healthy life style. This may be beneficial to improving the quality of your life. 4. There are no some risks associated with the chiropractic care and you will complete an additional consent form. 5. Although the results of this study may be published, no information that could identify you will be included. 6. There is no compensation for this study
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ChiroAgreement_to_Participate_in_Research - Agreement to...

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