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Notebook 10—What the Body Knows (adapted from Patrice Vecchione's book, Writing and the Spiritual Life ) due Wednesday, April 21—include one piece of in-class writing and upload to turnitin, as usual. Poetry is rooted in what the life of the senses longs to tell. The body is the receptor of poetic raw material. This is your opportunity to sit quietly and listen to whatever messages your body holds for you. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed for thirty minutes or longer. Notice how you feel. Take note of the room you are sitting in, the quality of light, sounds in the background. Get quiet and try to be in the present moment; taking a few deep breaths helps the body to quiet and center. When you feel centered, look at your hands. What stories do they have for you? What do the scars tell you? What memories are associated with your hands? Do you remember what your hands looked like when you were a child? How have they changed? If your hands had a story to tell, what would it be? Use the same focus for whatever your body has to tell you today: this is a practice of receiving what is
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