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NUFS 139 Debate Research D. Singamsetti April 20, 2008 The Effects Preservatives on our Food System Unless one prepares all their own meals from scratch and grows all of their food in a garden, it is nearly impossible to eat foods without preservatives added by manufacturers. It seems to me that much of the food we consume has been processed to last much longer than it would regularly take to expire. I have been raised to be extremely health conscious about the foods I eat and the products that I put into my body. The human body has a dynamic and complex structure, and it takes fine nutrition to live a healthy life. I feel like it is our obligation to keep our bodies healthy and avoid hazardous ingredients from entering our body and that is why I was interested in researching about the use of preservatives and artificial ingredients in our food. In my paper, I will begin by providing background information about the use of food preservatives and the problems related to the issue. I intend on addressing the safety of preservatives and the system in place by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) which approve of the use of common preservatives. I will continue by explaining the pros and cons associated with the use of such preservatives. Finally, I will provide suggestions and solutions to the problem facing food preservatives. If it were not for the use of such preservatives, food safety issues would be a greater problem in our society. Food enterprises and business would suffer immensely from the waste of food items spoiling, too. People would become in danger of eating spoiled products; meanwhile, business will be losing money for their loss and try even harder to sell their left over foods. For example, bread will become moldy, meats will spoil,
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veggies and fresh produce will go rotten, and will result in a decline of our food supply. Manufacturers add preservatives mostly to prevent spoilage during the time it takes to transport foods over long distances to stores and then our kitchens. It is not unusually that food products be dispersed domestically or internationally. Rapid transport systems and ideal storage conditions help keep foods fresh and nutritionally stable. I found out that breads, cooking oils, and other complex foods usually need more help. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Judith Foulk wrote:
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debate paper - NUFS 139 Debate Research D Singamsetti The...

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