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ME 15 Fa09 (1) Monthly Update

ME 15 Fa09 (1) Monthly Update - being involved I hear from...

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ME 15 Dr. Barez Monthly Report 1: September This month was the first month of school. I got most of my classes but everything hold on a decision for one of my classes. Summer was an interesting experience. I went to the Formual SAE west competition in June to support our SJSU FSAE team. From there they had meeting at least once a month and I have been actively participating since then. They did great at competition and it was good that I went so I learn what the judges look for in a FSAE car. I planned to be more involved on FASE this year but I didn’t expect to design major components. Now I have the opportunity to design the frame of the FSAE car. I am designing the frame with Andrew Robertson, a master student and Pro/Mechanica is used do a Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Some of the goals is minimum weight and torsional stiffness. I learned a lot just from
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Unformatted text preview: being involved. I hear from a lot of people about their perception of project such as FSAE. It is a tried and done project, meaning it been done for decades now. I’ve come to believe that any project that you don’t know about is a worthy learning experience. When it comes down to is the a person commitment to time and concentration. The phrase “the devil’s in the details” is too true for engineering project. I don’t think project generation and developments are best taught but as exposed. Class like ME 15 is great for inspiring student and leading them to resources to make that more efficient. Most engineers have a hard time doing anything in the category of literature. The class provides that kind information to students....
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