Midterm QuestionsMET10Clemts

Midterm QuestionsMET10Clemts - Temperature"C...

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are at the same altitude. The solid line indicates the 850 mb pressure level. TROUGH? Is the air " o @ or CoLDER than at gz k ttrr pressure at ne word from each pair) Fle: NAIVF. CIRCLE ANSWERS ,t (4 points) Draw the vertical profile for temperature during (a) nighttime, and (b) daytime. Indicate the stability of each profile. -Z (b) Daytime (a) Nighttime E ,= .o EI OJ o ! _(s .E :9 o) r t5 E. o EI tD o -o (o E .q (D r (3points) Given th valley, indicate on the figure e slope b wind sys ntain wind system. I 2t-1- /\ / o' ) the valley
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Unformatted text preview: Temperature ("C) Temperature ("C) (-Name_ Met 10 Midternr u Prof. Clements Fall2009 1) Indicate the following features of a supercell thunderstorm on the schematic: Wall cloud, Rear-flank downdraft, Forvard downdraft, Mesocyclone, Overshoofing top, Anvil, Tornado Rainf,'ee bas, s9 #" 2) Explain how a tornado foms (Ilint: think of the two major steps discussed in class). I I-):) ' ll t-\ \ 1: rl '! i' .r tI ) rf @ 2007 Thonrsn Higher Educstion...
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Midterm QuestionsMET10Clemts - Temperature"C...

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