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Psych. 209: Integration Assignment 2 (Worth 20 Points) Please respond to the following questions from Domestic Violence Casebook Chapter 2 (“Mikki’s Story”) Maximum Length: 4 pages. Responses must be double spaced using a 12 point font. Each question is worth 5 points. To receive full credit, you must express your thoughts clearly with no spelling, typographical, or grammatical errors. Please use your own words and use APA style for citations. Do not quote directly from the text. I will evaluate responses to question 1 and 2 primarily on the extent to which you support your arguments with evidence from empirical research and professional literature. I will evaluate responses to questions 3 and 4 primarily on the extent to which you demonstrate thoughtful self reflection based on the
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Unformatted text preview: details of the case, and the extent to which you apply your insights to your own practice. 1. Review Mikki’s progress in treatment. Based on the author’s description, the professional literature, and the latest practice evidence, what occurred to account for her progress? 2. What was the theoretical approach or combination of approaches that appeared to work best for Mikki? 3. What additional or alternative approaches could have been used with this case? That is, if you were the practitioner, how would you have approached this case? Please explain and justify your approach. 4. What did this case demonstrate that you could use in other practice settings? List the important things you learned by studying this case and how you could use them in your career as a psychotherapist....
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