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MAS 252 Dr. Barrera Guidelines for Discussion and Facilitations Participating in Discussion Be prepared: Read the material beforehand, bring it with you to class and have a few questions in mind (or written out) that you would like to contribute. These questions can relate primarily to the text(s) for the day, but you can also broaden them to include connections to lectures and to previous works we have discussed. The class is your audience: Don’t just address comments or questions to me—a genuine conversation requires that we all acknowledge each other as participants. If you find yourself focusing on one particular person when you talk, make an effort to look around at the rest of the class. Discussions work best when they are egalitarian and balanced: focus your comments. The purpose of seminar discussions is to grapple with questions, issues and texts and to test out different ideas and approaches to them in a group environment. It is not to showcase the knowledge one brings into the classroom so much as it is to take that knowledge to a new level. Please be thoughtful of others and work to include everyone in this ongoing process.
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