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132 Finding a Paper Topic

132 Finding a Paper Topic - Finding and Deciding on a Paper...

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Finding and Deciding on a Paper Topic First, you want to find a topic that is of some real interest to you. To get a sense of what might interest you, you might begin by reading the introductions to the sections we are reading this semester. Then look at the study questions for each reading for ideas. Next, you should think about the kind of paper you want to write. There are several kinds of papers you can write in this course. The most obvious ones are the following: 1. Critique/response. In this kind of paper, you describe an author's view and comment critically on it. "Critical" here means thoughtful and insightful. Such comments needn't be negative. You might be pointing out how extraordinarily insightful an author is about a particular point. The main point is that you find something original to add to the author's discussion. There are roughly 2 different versions of a critique. In the first version, you merely point out what you take to be problematic about the author's view. In the second, you use this as a springboard to offer and defend your competing view.
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