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Unformatted text preview: Eng. 1B—Draegan Fall 2009 AXES: Writing Effective Paragraphs Coherency and Unity: The AXES model is one tool for crafting paragraphs that make effective use of textual evidence. It is one way to create coherent and unified paragraphs that support the main argument or position of your paper. To be effective, every paragraph should contain the following, though not necessarily in this order : 1) Assertion that relates to your main argument 2) eXample (textual evidence) that offers support for your Assertion 3) Explanation that proves why your eXample supports or illuminates your Assertion 4) Significance : Why the assertion is important and how it connects to your overall argument. A ssertion: An assertion is your claim for the paragraph. Assertions are statements that contain a specific argument, claim, or position that links your arguments to each other and your thesis. Assertions are confident and concrete. Think of an assertion as a mini thesis statement: a thesis statement for the paragraph. An essay without enough assertions will seem like a list of statement: a thesis statement for the paragraph....
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