100W Literature Review Guidelines

100W Literature Review Guidelines - P SYCHOLOGY D EPART ME...

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Unformatted text preview: P SYCHOLOGY D EPART ME N T PSYC 100W – section 3 Dr. T ina Camagna Literatu re Review Guidelines Minimum of 10 full pages (excluding the ti tle page and references) Indent the fi rst line of every paragraph (five to seven spaces) Double-space entire paper, including between paragraphs 1” APA margins (top, bottom, and sides) 12-point font size Times New Roman typeface Minimum of 10 empirical journal articles Number all pages T he t itle page is page one (see sample ti tle page). The t i t le of your paper should appear on the ti t le page only. The r unning head appears on every page. The a bstract is 120 words or less (see sample abstract). Start on a separate page; one blocked paragraph with a bolded heading. On page three, begin your i nt roduction . • • • • • I t should be roughly two paragraphs, introducing your general research a rea. Why has this area been of in terest to psychologists? Define your major concepts here. Make statements (very general) about the issues/topics that the reader w ill find in the body of the paper. Do not add any conclusions to your introduction. The very last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis s tatement: In this paper, I examine… Following the int roduction is the body of your paper – no page break. Both the abstract and the introduction should be writ ten in the present tense. The body of your paper, however, should be wri t ten in the past tense. The conclusion should be roughly two paragraphs. Summarize the main points t hat you have covered in your paper. Your conclusion is your wrap-up! Again, do not i nt roduce any new material. The r eference section begins on a separate page. The heading (References) is bolded. ...
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100W Literature Review Guidelines - P SYCHOLOGY D EPART ME...

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