April 1st - th o Environment 2 nd-Power The potential...

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4/1/08 Pg 247 Ignore exhibit 9-1 - Permanent Teams – Relative. Its not literally permanent. - Pg 249. Ignore numbers of problem solving team. 5-7 members is best. 5minimum and 15 max. Chapter 5 - Pg 145 ignore exhibit 5-5 - Pg 144 The section about technology is about organizational technology. - Mass production is routine technology while the other two are non routine. - Simple Structure – The owner makes all the decisions. Owner centralization. - Pg 148 Section on boundryless organizations will make more sense than horizontal organizations. Chapter 5 - Talks about structure and contingency variables affecting that structure. - Four factors that affect the structure (listed with importance). o Strategy 1 st o Size 3 rd o Organizational tech 4
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Unformatted text preview: th o Environment 2 nd-Power The potential Ability to influence others. In other words to get people to do what they wouldnt normally do.-Politics Involves activities that lead to decisions as to what will be done in situations where an obviously correct decision does not exist. Or use of power-The Six most important Individual Power Bases o Control over Resources Money Equipment Supplies Space o Formal Authority o Expert Power Anyone can have expert power boss and employee alike. o Referent power o Control Over information Filtering is used to take down info. Overloading is when too much info is given o Proven Ability to persuade a powerful person...
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April 1st - th o Environment 2 nd-Power The potential...

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