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Professor Bechkoff BUS 138 18 March 2009 Quiz In the beginning of the course I learned that the difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that qualitative data cannot be quantified while quantitative data could. Qualitative research is best done through exploratory experiments while quantitative research is best done with test-hypothesis experiments. I also learned the different segmentation approaches, which include; geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic. Each can be used to improve the quality of research being done. The next thing I learned is the process in which a research is done. First we must make
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Unformatted text preview: sure that we what we are going to be researching is going to be useful and not a waste of time and money. Next we must clearly define what we are going to be researching in order to make sure that we know what data we are going to need and where we are going to get it from. After we do that we must choose whether we will do exploratory or conclusive research in order to figure out which research instruments will be best. Once we know all this we need to collect the data; analyze and interpret it, and then show it to the decision makers. I also learned the differences between exploratory and conclusive research....
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