Crime Prevention Tips for Personal Safety

Crime Prevention Tips for Personal Safety - Crime...

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Crime Prevention Tips for Personal Safety • After dark avoid unlighted, vacant or deserted areas. If you are being followed or see suspicious activity, move to a lighted building or area and attract the attention of other people. Dial 9-1-1, pick up a blue light phone, or elevator phone to reach the UPD. • Avoid walking alone after dark. Call the UPD Escort Service at (408) 924-2222, dial 4-2222 on any campus phone, use an elevator or blue light phone for escorts on the campus and adjacent areas - Up to two blocks off campus. • Consider walking with a friend or in a group especially after an afternoon or evening class. • Avoid jogging alone–day or night. • Be aware of your surroundings and other people who may be around you. Never hitch a ride from a stranger. • Consider carrying a noise-making device (such as a whistle) with you. If you are threatened – yell “FIRE” to summon help. • Rather than entering an elevator car alone with a stranger, consider waiting for the next elevator.
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