Focus group report (final)

Focus group report (final) - Focus group facts The focus...

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Focus group facts The focus group is about leisure activities primarily focusing on hookah and its associated lounges. Its purpose is to find out what students’ perceptions are about hookah and hookah lounges. Samantha moderated while Michael and Melissa took notes. The focus group lasted a little over an hour and was held at Melissa’s house. It started at 1:00pm and ended at 2:10pm. Pizza was provided for the participants. Participants There were a total of six participants, 3 males and 3 females. They all consisted of middle socioeconomic status individuals. Five of them were current students at SJSU, and one a student at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. All participants were familiar with general knowledge of hookah, and had been to hookah lounges before (though not consistently), and had smoked hookah before. There were two dominant participants- both very eager to share their opinions and one very quiet participant that Samantha had to lead and actively engage into the conversations. Overall, the discussions remained on topic and flowed naturally. Key Words
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Focus group report (final) - Focus group facts The focus...

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