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amazon going public - Bus. 173 C 11/5/09 Going...

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Bus. 173 C 11/5/09 – Going Public Dear Covey I hear that you are preparing to take public. Amidst a time when leading online companies are pulling back their highly anticipated IPO’s and investors are becoming skeptical on Internet companies you might be having thoughts of postponing your IPO also. Looking at your financial history, it is clear to see that your company has grown tremendously and has had little problems acquiring capital from investors. I would guess raising funds in the future (if you decide not to go public) would not be an issue. Yet it is clear your planning to take public. Although profits have yet to be made, sales are increasing very rapidly at a much higher rate than any of your expenses. It is plain to see that you have yourself a company that will continue to grow and hold its position as the poster company for e-commerce. With the Internet growing and branching out to populations at every corner of the world, your company is in a prime position to tag along for the ride. As of now, current market conditions for technology IPO’s are low. The
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amazon going public - Bus. 173 C 11/5/09 Going...

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