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Comm 191J — Judging This is a credit/non-credit course. To receive credit you will need to complete the following: Review the rules in How to Write the Perfect Ballot . This book may be purchased for $10 in HGH 214. Watch and evaluate performances on this site or in the classroom on T/H 3:30-5:00. Your written ballots must be submitted early in the semester. Attend and judge a high school or college speech and/or debate tournament . The prerequisite for this course is Comm 91J judge training or previous judging/forensics experience. Please read the following directions carefully. 1. You will need to select a tournament to attend. See the list of posted high school tournaments on the wall outside HGH 214 or in the High School tournament calendar on this site. The calendar will be available by the middle of September. 2. You may also select the SJSU intramural tournament to be held on campus on the Friday before dead day (Spring Semester - May 13th). 3.
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