History 100W Syllabus

History 100W Syllabus - History 100W Spring 2010 MW...

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History 100W Patricia Lopes Don Spring 2010 DMH 316 MW 3:00-4:15 Hour: MW 9:30-10:30 DMH 347 W 2:00-3:00 924-5526 patdon@email.sjsu.edu Writing Workshop The aim of this course is to help students to communicate well. This skill is of utmost importance to you as a history major. It is also the defining characteristic of a graduate of a good university. Overseeing the educational quality of general education curriculum at San Jose State University, the Board of General Studies (BOGS) has determined the goal of all 100W courses: “Students should demonstrate proficiency in advance college level writing, including reading and writing articles, essays and documents dealing with broad issues and specific concepts in their fields for both specialized and general audiences.” More specifically, 1. “Express in writing complex ideas clearly and correctly.” 2. “Integrate reading comprehension and writing competence, using outstanding models that deal with general and specific issues in the discipline.” 3. “Read and write analytically and imaginatively.” 4. “Organize and develop essays and documents for both professional and general audiences.” 5. “Write extemporaneously in subjects in the discipline and related fields.” 6. Apply “editorial standards of the discipline when citing primary and secondary source materials.” 7. “Organize, compose, revise and edit” drafts of their essays. The department of history requires that students must satisfactorily complete HIST 99 before taking HIST 100W. If you have not completed HIST 99, you should not take this course. Violation of this rule will result in a professor drop from HIST 100W. In addition, the department does not allow students to take History 100W in the same semester with History 102 or History 100W after History 102. Moreover, the Board of General Studies requires that all students taking upper division general education courses in categories R, S, and V will be blocked from registration unless they have already taken 100W or are concurrently enrolled. The proper course of study for students in the history department is: HIST 99 in last semester sophomore or first semester junior year, HIST 100W in second semester junior year, and HIST 102 in the senior year. Please be advised that this course will take a good deal of your time. It may be the most difficult course you take this semester and it may be the most difficult course that you have taken to date. That is to be expected because it is a foundation course for the discipline. Historians produce historical interpretations about the past. In order to produce these interpretations, we write. Writing is not easy, but it is the highest intellectual skill that a human being can accomplish in the humanities and social sciences.
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History 100W Syllabus - History 100W Spring 2010 MW...

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