Self Defense - Recognize (R.A.D) Fight, Flight or Freeze....

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(R.A.D) Fight, Flight or Freeze. What would you do? Fight: staying in the situation and physically fighting Flight: running away or getting away from a perceived threat Freeze: most commonly known as “deer caught in the headlight s Types of behavior-How NOT to be a victim o Passive Personality Head down No eye contact Walks slowly Hands at the side, many times in pockets Look shy, quiet No confidence o Assertive (this is the behavior we want to portray) Head up Direct eye contact Walks quickly and deliberately Hands ready to react Looks headstrong and confident Aggressive (most common the behavior of an attacker) Extremely confrontational, the extreme behavior when it comes to assertiveness You have options Submission SUBMISSION DOES NOT EQUAL CONSENT. Giving into an attacker out of fear for your life or a family member’s life is not submission. In the worst case scenario it is better to live with the trauma then to be killed or endanger the life of those you love. Psychological resistance Try to become a “real person” in your attackers’ eye . You can also help to reduce their level of aggression by staying calm and clear headed. Talk to your attacker. You may be able to talk themselves out of their plan. Disrupt their plan, confuse them, and lie. Physical resistance Use as a last resort. Accuracy and swiftness are the most important. Your goal is to stun your attacker so that you may RUN away. Vulnerable areas include: eyes, nose, shin, insteps, foot, groin, throat, hair, knees Be aware. I f something doesn’t fell right then chances are it isn’t . Don’t ignore strange or suspicious behavior by others. Do not be passive and l et things pass by you. Become aware of the situation and distinguishing marks or behavior.
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Self Defense - Recognize (R.A.D) Fight, Flight or Freeze....

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