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JS 196e Announcements and Assignments 04/11/07 I. Announcements of Seminars a. Monday 04/16/07: Criminalist Cordelia Willis, Santa Clara County Crime Laboratory : Forensic STR statistics Lab: Set up of capillary electrophoresis b. Wednesday 04/18/07: Criminalist Nicole Inacio: Jan Bashinski CA DOJ DNA Laboratory: Forensic DNA and Human Rights c. Monday 04/23/07: Rockne Harmon: Sr Deputy DA Alameda County: Post conviction DNA testing d. Monday 04/30/07: Bloodlines Film on genetic testing (Lee at AFDIL) e. Weds 05/09/07: Criminalist Isha Brown- Jan Bashinski CA DOJ DNA Laboratory: CAL DNA Databank I. Assignments- All due Monday 04/16/07 a. Reading from chapters- Understanding STR results Reading- Butler C18-21& C7/ Inman C4&C8 Visit the following URLs- Dr. Charles Brenner’s Links on Familial Searching http://dna-view.com/FindingRelatives.htm and Mass disasters http://dna-view.com/lattice.htm http://dna-view.com/simulate.htm Extra credit: Write a 500 word summary with 3Q and 3A. SWGDAM STR Interpretation Guidelines http://www.fbi.gov/hq/lab/fsc/backissu/july2000/strig.htm
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