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Rev 1/06 1 Required Articles for Online Lectures Nursing 266 Healthcare Informatics Data-Centric Health Care Delivery Bakken , Suzanne RN, DNSc, FAAN; Cimino, James J. MD; Hripcsak, George MD, MS Promoting Patient Safety and Enabling Evidence-Based Practice Through Informatics. Medical Care. 42(2) Suppl:II-49-II-56, February 2004 Stone, Patricia W.; Curran, Christine R.; Bakken , Suzanne Economic Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. 34(3):277-282, Third Quarter 2002. Richards, J. (2001). Nursing in a Digital Age. Nursing Economics. 19 (1): 6-9. History and Overview of Health Care Informatics Staggers, N., Thompson, C, Snyder-Halpern R. (2001). History and Trends in Clinical Information Systems in the United States. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. First Quarter: 75-80. Staggers, Nancy; Thompson, Cheryl Bagley Nursing and Computers: An Anthology, 1987-1996. Computers in Nursing. 16(6):289,301-302, November/December 1998. Standards Cohen, Michael R. RPh, MS, DSc, FASHP * Patient Data Monitoring: Watchdog
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