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San José State University Philosophy Department Philosophy 126, Environmental Ethics, Spring 2008 Instructor: Rita Manning Office location: FO 210 Telephone: 924-4470 Email: Rita.manning@sjsu.edu Office hours: TWR 11-1:30 and by appointment Class days/time: TR 1:30-2:45 Classroom: SH 240 Prerequisites: 3 units of philosophy or upper division standing. Course Description This course explores ideas that are of theoretical and practical importance to an effective and responsible understanding of the environment. The course takes the view that the environmental practices, policies and programs in different societies emerge in dynamic relationship with the various values, ideas, religious perspectives and economic structures of those societies. It compares varying ways that nature has been conceived in and across different cultures and in the lives of the diverse individuals and groups within them. The course draws on key works and themes from philosophy along with pertinent works from other disciplines. Course content is examined critically from a philosophical perspective and from the perspective of the students’ own values and interests. Required Texts/Readings Environmental Ethics, edited by Louis and Paul Pojman, Thomson Wadsworth. 2008, Amartya Sen,“Population and Gender Equity” (on reserve) Requirements: One midterm, one final, class journal, presentation and paper, and consistent participation are required Exams: There will be one midterm and a final, each of which will consist of an objective section and one essay. Journal Assignments: Your first journal assignment is the following: Describe your personal worldview as you understand it now. Include your relationship to nature in your description. What do you think were the most influential economic, social and cultural forces in shaping your worldview?
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For the rest of the journal assignments, answer any one question from the reading assigned for that date. These assignments must be turned in at the beginning of class on the date due. (You may email them to me.)
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126_syllabus_S08 - San Jos State University Philosophy...

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