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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work Research Sequence ScWk 242 Spring 2008 Assignment 2: Qualitative Research Exercise ( Due at the start of class, __/__/__ ) This exercise involves the application of concepts in qualitative research that were introduced in ScWk 240. Students will choose between ONE of the following: I. Ethnographic Observation An ethnography is a useful qualitative research tool in which data is collected about people interacting in a particular setting. In this exercise of ethnographic observation, you will be an unobtrusive researcher observing the social world of individuals and/or groups in a particular setting. The goal of this exercise is to do a 90-minute observation in a selected setting and to document your observations using field notes. In ethnographic research, field notes serve as the central source of data and are used to capture in detail your observations while in the setting. More specifically, notes from the field should contain complete narratives and should provide “thick and rich description” of the setting so that anyone who reads your field notes will understand and experience the social setting without actually being there. Preparation and Methodological Considerations: 1. Please review class materials relevant to ethnographic observation. 2. Select a site to study. The site must contain a group of participants that are different from you in 2 out of following list of characteristics: Ethnicity Age Socioeconomic status Sex/Gender identification Religious affiliation 3. Choose a safe setting and gain permission to visit if necessary . 4. Develop an observational protocol (see example) to help record detailed field notes. 5. Allow 90 minutes to observe a single setting where people interact. 6. Record basic information about the setting as well as who, what, when, and for how long you observed particular events and activities. Field notes should include descriptive and reflective notes, and drawing(s) diagramming the setting and important features. Observation Assignment Format: (5 pages maximum , NOT including title page and appendix) 1. Title Page (in APA format) 2. Summary (in APA format) which includes the following: Introduction describing a major theme of interest, research question, the setting, and its participants Narrative / Primary Analyses Narrative, including: - An analysis of the setting, participants, events, and activities (e.g., details such as rituals of social interaction, the use of social space, body language) - Conclusions based on your observations Discussion about standards of quality, verification, credibility, and trustworthiness applicable to your observation and interpretation Discussion about potential relevance of your study to social work practice and/or research, especially from a transcultural perspective Conclusion 3. Appendix of typed field notes taken from your observational protocol, and drawing(s). This might be several pages.
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242_Assignment_2___Qualitative_Exercise - SAN JOS STATE...

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