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RR 2 - you need to offer complete explanations Be as...

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English 1B—Draegan Spring 2010 Reading Response #2 An Exercise in Critical Reading PART 1 (at least 2 full pages): After performing an engaged analytic critical reading of “In Defense of Slow Reading” by Paul M. Davis, identify and evaluate the following structural elements: 1. Claim—What is Davis trying to prove? 2. Reasons—Why does Davis think this? 3. Support—How does Davis know this? 4. Warrant—What does Davis assume? 5. What other structural elements can you identify? You may address each item separately in numbered format or in a narrative format; however,
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Unformatted text preview: you need to offer complete explanations. Be as detailed as you can as you explain each component fully. Refer to your lecture notes and readings for this week to help you. PART 2: Identify and define 3 vocabulary words from Davis’ article. Explain what each means in the context of the article. Is the connotation different from the actual definition (denotation)? Due in class Thursday 2/8...
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