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1. What hypothesis was the paleontologist in the movie trying to investigate? A. Why there is war B. That land mammals evolved from whales C. That wolves from birds D. That whales evolved from land mammals 2. What interesting feature of early whales did paleontologists find? A. Whales showed evidence of lungs B. Whales showed evidence of legs C. Whale prints in the desert D. Whales showed evidence of fur 3. What are transitional fossils? A. Fossils that show the transition from one form of animal to another B. Fossils that show no similarities between animals C. Super boring rocks that you have to look at on field trips D. None of the above 4. What are tetrapods? A. Animals that walk upright B. Animals with 2 limbs C. Animals with 4 limbs D. Animals that walk on all fours 5. Why is it hard to find transitional fossils? A. Only a small portion of organisms become fossils B. There’s no such thing as transitional fossils C. There’s not enough people looking D. Only mammals become fossils 6. What is a homologous structure?
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Unformatted text preview: A. Only skulls B. Structures that look extremely different from any other animal C. Structures that have a similar makeup in different animals D. None of the above 7. How is DNA used in evolutionary studies? A. Comparison of DNA base sequences and amino acid sequences of the same proteins from different animals B. Comparison of RNA sequences from the same species of animals C. Looking at how the animal develops as a young adult D. None of the above 8. Which insect was the basis for DNA studies? A. Beetles B. The cockroach C. Spiders D. The fruit fly 9. According to scientists studying fruit fly embryos, what caused the embryo to develop? A. Magic B. Carbohydrates C. Fats D. Genes 10. According to the video, why do all animals resemble each other? A. They all have the same selective pressures B. Mutations C. They had a big meeting and all are working from the same notes D. They all use the same set of genes inherited from an an-cient ancestor...
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