4 mideterm - Dr. Marquita Byrd Comm 110 10/28/08 Assignment...

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Dr. Marquita Byrd Comm 110 10/28/08 Assignment 4: Midterm In the course of the semester, we have discussed numerous communication concepts. I feel like the concepts are essential to every day life. As human beings, communication is inevitable. It is important that we learn, understand, and practice high- quality communication skills because I find it crucial for people to work together to increase efficiency. The communication concepts range from language to language, but I find the concepts are similar abroad. I have managed to study several areas of communication which I will discuss in my paper. I will begin by discussing the aspect of communication and describe analyzing, advising, and ambushing with respect to listening. Subsequently, I will examine the concept of self-concept, as well as its correspondence, reflected appraisal. Finally, I will define the most dynamic feature of humans which differentiates humans from merely all living creatures, emotions. 1. Analyzing: In analyzing a situation, the listener offers an interpretation of the speaker’s message. Analyzing is a well thought out process when the listener responds to the speaker. Analyzing is derived from the verb “to analyze”. Explanation: Interpretations are often effective in helping people with problems to consider alternative meanings of a situation. Sometimes a clear analysis will clarify a confusing problem by either suggesting a solution or by at least providing an understanding of what is going on. Apply: One example of analyzing is if your friend meets you in the afternoon, and tells you that she has been having the worst day. You show your concern and listen to what she has to say in order for her to vent. You then engage in analyzing by reiterating what she had told you in your own words to show you understand the situation, and you can also provide some further insight in the discussion. Once you have engaged in active listening, and you demonstrate that you know
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4 mideterm - Dr. Marquita Byrd Comm 110 10/28/08 Assignment...

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