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Anth 191 Frontiers of Anthropology Guide to Papers 1. Summary/Argument. What is Trigg arguing? What is he claiming and why is he claiming it? Be careful about details and dead ends: Try to find the big point(s) he is trying to assert. 2. Significance. Why are his arguments significant? Why do they matter to the broader question of how can we generate useful, reliable knowledge? 3. Application. Take some important issue or question that you have encountered in one or more of your social science courses and show how the issues Trigg raises can be applied to it. How does it change or expand how you view the issue or question? 4. Implications. What are the implications for what Trigg is arguing for… the social and/or behavioral sciences? anthropology? policy or publicly useful information? My helpful hint is to remind you that Trigg is a philosopher and not an anthropologist, although his work abounds with implications for
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Unformatted text preview: anthropology. He is writing in a philosophical tradition that takes ideas or claims and then relentlessly pounds away at their implications, even if doing so takes you into places you don’t want to go. I have come to understand that the main challenge of the book is not intellectual, but rather emotional. Student readers tend to want to know what Trigg really believes or they assume that he is telling them what he really believes. They feel betrayed when Trigg shows the illogic of what he just argued. You won’t really know what Trigg believes until you get to the end. Papers should be well composed and proofed. They should be concise and dazzling in their laser like focus on the important issues. They should avoid the discourse of “interestingness” and “likeability/yuckiness.” One-inch margins, please, with the chapters as the title. If you are concise, you should be able to do this in 5 pages....
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