Assignment 3-Discant-Tenor

Assignment 3-Discant-Tenor - solmization syllables of this...

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Music 12, Assignment III: Write Your Own Discant Tenor Materials needed: 1 sheet of music manuscript paper Pencil 1. Transcribe the final melisma on “me” of the chant “Alleluia. Domine Deus meus” into modern notation . 2. Identify the mode of this chant (taking into account the chant’s range and final) and write the mode number next to the staff at the beginning of your notational transcription. 3. Underneath your transcription write the
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Unformatted text preview: solmization syllables of this melisma according to Guido’s hexachordal system, mutating as necessary. 4. Write out the notes of the melisma as a Notre-Dame tenor , following the modal rhythmic sequence of: • Mode I, 3 rd ordo • Mode II, 3 rd ordo • Mode II, 1 st ordo • Mode I, 1 st ordo • Mode I, 2 nd ordo • Mode II, 1 st ordo • Mode II, 1 st ordo • Mode I, 2 nd ordo...
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