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Professor Partridge Bus 150 9 April 2009 Case Study 1: Discharged for off Duty 1. Traditionally companies not only had the absolute right to create and promote certain environments within the workplace, but also to control certain activities in their employees’ private lives. John should have been discharge because his off duty behavior constituted a serious violation of the company’s code of conduct. His behavior could give a bad image of the company and it is a bad example for his co-workers. 2. Yes, I think the sales representatives of AEM be held to a higher standards of personal conduct than sales representatives for other types of organizations because the company sales to public school administrators and teachers. For instance if a teacher or
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Unformatted text preview: administrator of one of the schools sees a sales representatives of AEM at an adult video, they might have the wrong impression of that person and therefore, of the company and they could stop doing business with them. I think the sales representatives should represent the company at all the times, on and off duty. 3. John was a long-standing, hard-working employee with a good performance record and minor allegations against him. However, his off duty behavior violated the company’s code of conduct and his performance could not avoid his separation of the company. In most companies, when employees violate the company’s code of conduct, they automatically get terminated....
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