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Diversity Paper 1 You will be asking two students (one of the opposite sex and one of a different ethnicity) about their experiences at SJSU. Specifically you will want to ask students about the resources they have found at SJSU. 2. Ask these students about resources that are: (a) social (e, g., social clubs) (b) educational (e.g., writing workshops, learning skills center, (c) cultural (e.g., Mosaic), (d) recreational (e.g., intra-mural sports, drama), (e) scholastic (e.g., honor societies). (f) mental health (e.g., counseling center, disabilities support services), (g) occupational (e.g., career placement), and (h) miscellaneous (categories I have forgotten). Ask both open-ended (e.g., name resources that you have used or liked etc,) and specific (i.e., a-h if any have not been listed).
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Ask about resources that the students wished were available and are not. Also ask why they do or do not make use of the available resources 4. Ask about resources on campus they believe are vital for new students to learn about and use. 5. Finally, ask yourself the same questions. 6. Write this up in a brief summary report (roughly 2 pages double spaced and typed), to show the reader the kinds and range of resources available to students, as well as the resources that are lacking and the resources that are valuable. You may went to make suggestions about how to enhance services or student use and access to these resources....
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