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JWSS 96fq—Angels in America Dr. Harrison Due Dec 8: Closing self-reflection (10 pts) Due Dec 8: Creative Project (50 pts) Self Reflection At the beginning of the term you wrote a self-reflection. At this time I want you to think back over your first semester of college and re-ask yourself some of the same questions. Write a one-page response: What is important to you in life? What do you value and enjoy? What goals did you set for yourself in September? How well did these goals connect with what’s important to you in life, with what you value and enjoy? Now, a semester later and wiser, have you revised your goals? If so, in what ways? What do you feel you’ve accomplished this semester personally? academically? Creative Project As part of your culminating project, you will work creatively to unpack in a creative form one key issue that most resonates with you, either in the play, Angels in America or in the novel, Color of the Sea . Your project is to use your creativity, be it in film, sculpture, photography, music, poetry,
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