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163 Assignment Packet - San Jose State University NUFS/KIN...

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San Jose State University NUFS/KIN 163- Physical Fitness and Nutrition RESEARCH ANALYSIS OF SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE Directions Using the guidelines here, write a 2-3 page research analysis on each of the following: The 1st article will be selected by your instructor. This article critique will be corrected in detail for grammar and critical thinking. This feedback should serve to help you make improvements in writing and critical evaluation abilities prior to being graded on the subsequent paper, which will be the article you choose and use for your presentation See due dates for the two different analyses on course syllabus. Each student must do his/her own work; plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade if it occurs. The assignments will not be accepted unless submitted to turnitin.com prior to turning in the hard copy to your instructor. Once you have established an account with turnitin.com you can submit the paper to respective instructor. Be sure to consider the suggestions from lecture and the handout “How to Understand and Interpret Food and Health-Related Scientific Studies” for analyzing the articles. Then answer the following questions, but do not limit your analysis to these questions only: Introduction/Objectives: Did the authors give a succinct statement of the problem, explaining why the research was conducted? What prompted them to do it? Briefly describe the “problem” and/or rationale for the study. What were the objectives, research questions, and hypothesis? Were they clearly stated? Methods: Describe the type of research design used for the study. Was it observational or experimental? Were criteria for well-controlled research utilized? If it was an experimental design, was the “gold standard” utilized? Were the research methods and/or study design carefully described? (Did the authors provide enough information for you to replicate the study?) Were the methods and study design appropriate for meeting the objectives of the study? Were instruments or indicators used to measure things or collect data appropriate for the populations being studied? Were there any methodological flaws? Would there be confounding variables to consider? Explain them.
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Results: How were the results reported? Could the tables/graphs, if used, “stand alone” without the written text? Were the findings presented in such a way that you could answer the research question(s) posed? Were the findings reported without bias? Explain why or why not. Can the study’s results be generalized to other populations? How does this work fit within the rest of the body of research in the area? Discussion/Conclusion:
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163 Assignment Packet - San Jose State University NUFS/KIN...

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