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\Comm20 Pardoe 2-27-06 INTRODUCTION Have you ever thought about your father being just like your best friend? It’s not often, but my dad can take the place of my best friend any day. My dad and I share a close relationship, and I have great respect for him. He has been an amazing influence in my life since I can remember. I would like to share with you about and him and tell you how he is hardworking, sincere and loving, and wise. BODY I. First of all, my dad is very hard working. A. He always kept a job. B. He manages to take care of the house. II. The second thing I want to share is that my dad is sincere and loving.
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Unformatted text preview: A. His relationship with family members is very close. B. He stays in touch with many of his friends from the past. III. The final thing I want to tell you about is that my dad is wise. A. He takes the time to think things through. B. He can very helpful when I have any types of problems. CONCLUSION Today, Ive talked about how my dad is hardworking, sincere and loving, and wise. I am very thankful for my dad for raising me and making a positive difference in my life. I hope that you can experience the relationship with someone similar to my dad, because you can truly learn a lot from them....
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