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Krishna_Poems - o Miidhava how shall I tell you of my...

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o Miidhava, how shall I tell you of my terror? I could not describe my coming here if I had a million tongues. When I left my room and saw the darkness I trembled: I could not see the path, there were snakes that writhed round my ankles I I Was alone, a woman; the night was so dark, the forest so dense and gloomy, and I had so far to go. The rain was pouring down- which path should I take? My feet were muddy and burning where thorns had scratched them. But I had the hope of seeing you, none of it mattered, and now my terror seems far away • . • When the sound of your flute reaches my ears it compels me to leave my home, my friends, it draws me into the dark toward you. I no longer count the pain of coming here, says Govinda..tJiisa. 21
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To Krishna: Love, what can I say to you? I was too young to love, but you did not let me stay at home. I shall drown myself in the sea with this last wish: that I be born again as Nanda's son and you as Radha.
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