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PEER_GROUP_EVALUATION - progress and final project Helped...

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PEER GROUP EVALUATION (Submit completed form to instructor). Please answer the following with your evaluation submission: Was every member of your team given an equal opportunity to contribute? If yes, please indicate how you ensured this to be the case. If no, please explain. In rating yourself and your peers, provide a percentage within the range you feel describes each teammates’ contribution. 90-100% = Superior; 80-89% = Above Average; 70-79% = Average; < 70% = below average/weak Insert your name in the first column and your peers’ names in the remaining spaces (one name at the top of each column). Names Reliable for meetings (Were they on time for meetings, did they show up for meetings)? Participated in group discussions or meetings Reliable with meeting deadlines for work in
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Unformatted text preview: progress and final project Helped keep the group focused on the task Contributed useful ideas to the group Respects each group member's opinions Contributes his/her share to discussions This person took an active role in helping to complete the project Knowledgeable about assignments and her/his role and fulfills that role Quantity of work done Quality of work done Enter total average of all scores Don't base your evaluations on friendship or personality conflicts. Your input can be a valuable indicator to help assess contributions in a fair manner. Although THESE EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE SEEN BY YOUR GROUP MEMBERS, poor ratings should not come as a surprise. Please provide regular feedback to team members if contributions are average or below average....
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