Korea - -Bad-Difference in government (Democracy vs....

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Will the unification of North and South Korea become an advantage to the Korea and the world? Good - Unifications of long lost families - More natural resources - Closer relationship and eventually better trade with China - Economic Factors a. More growth on the North side with less cost. b. New businesses c. Booming farming with new lands and better technology and better workers from North for cheaper pay d. Better schoolings for children e. Better opportunity with better chance of getting out of poverty
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Unformatted text preview: -Bad-Difference in government (Democracy vs. Communists)-Difference in culture-Difference in ideology-Rich South Koreans will try to take an advantage of the North Koreans-Who will be in control?-Relationships with other nations (Currently North Korea Bad, South Korea Ok)-Economic harms (Costs and Ever since the Korean War in 1950s, Korea has been separated in to two....
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