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Homework Assignment #1 Using our text by Waterfield, The First Philosophers , describe the essence of Heraclitus’s theory of reality. Refer to at least five of the fragments in your discussion. (Refer to them by number, for example F2. You can quote parts of the fragment to make your point.) In addition you should have at least one footnote in this paper, using the Chicago style. This footnote should refer to an article on Heraclitus you have accessed through JSTOR, or to a book in the library, for example Guthrie,
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Unformatted text preview: A History of Greek Philosophy , vol. 1. However most of your homework assignment should be based on your own analysis of the fragments. Do not use any internet sources or encyclopedias for this homework assignment. Length: minimum one page typewritten, double-spaced; maximum, two pages. Due: Feb. 17. Hint: you will have to interpret the fragments yourself. The best way to interpret them is to understand them in relation to other Heraclitus fragments....
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