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Should child labor be abandoned in all countries? Should child labor in China abandoned? Yes - Kids are dying - They do not get the education, so no advancement in the future. - Paid less than adults - Abused - No - No other source of cheap labor - No source of cheap product for us. - In poor countries, kids need to work to support the family. - Manufacturing countries economy depends on the profits from working kids for low wages. - Are United States and other countries helping China to grow when they are not really ready for the economic growth? Yes - Chinese GDP grew from an estimated 7% in 2009 to actual 8.2% - China announced that they will be the center of all global manufacturing. - No - China announced that they will be the center of all global manufacturing. Human Rights in China - Child Labor - Chinese Communist Party - Public Voice - Civil Liberties - Rules of Law - Anticorruption and Transparency - Human trafficking - Communist Country - Working conditions - Emerging as a third economic power in the world, is China changing its values and rights of the people?
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Unformatted text preview: Yes-During the late Qing debate, with China increasingly threatened by foreign military imperialism, scholars argued enthusiastically for the introduction of a new system of democratic rights as a vital tool of national resistance. During the Republican era that followed, the threat from outside remained the same. However by now many theorists had grown disillusioned with democracy and rights, believing that the only way China could withstand further foreign encroachments was to withhold rights from its people. No-For China to have the 2008 Olympic in Beijing, Chinese government had to literally kick out hundreds of thousands of people out of their own homes to build the stadiums, hotels and other need for the Olympics. According to the press, they were paid less than the actual value of people’s homes. -Child labor in China still exists still to this day.-...
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