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DoDots Case Study - DoDots Case Study The Team The founders...

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DoDots Case Study The Team The founders of DoDots are George and John Kembel as well as Tony Medrano. Another main player is Heidi Roizen, who serves as the managing partner for DoDots from their main investor Softbank Venture Capital. George and John serve as CEO and CTO respectively for DoDots. The two are identical twins. Both graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford. Both returned to Stanford to gain an M.S. from Stanford in Product Design, George focusing on technical marketing and John on software and product design. The two developed the software that DoDots is based on. Medrano serves as President and co-founder and has a JD/MBA from Stanford. He met George and John while in graduate school at Stanford and helped them to form a business around the technology they had developed. After listing the educational milestones of the team it is clear they have a strong group, but education alone does not necessarily make good founders. The most valuable entrepreneurs are usually those that have experience in running a company, something which none of the founders have. In this case education alone will be our sole indicator for the strength of the founders and what better school for them to have graduated from than Stanford? As far as Heidi Roizen is concerned, she is a great value add to the team. She has years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO and brings a huge network of strong business relationships to the company that has the potential to amplify the growth rate of the company. Probably the strongest aspect of the team is the diversity amongst founders that
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DoDots Case Study - DoDots Case Study The Team The founders...

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