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Announcements sent to students on Feb

Announcements sent to students on Feb - have assigned to...

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Announcements sent to students on Feb. 4. 1. The university has asked faculty to cut ten per cent of their workload to correspond to the ten per cent cut in our pay. I have decided to eliminate the office visit requirement. You are still encouraged to visit me during my office hours, but no longer required to. Also, I am eliminating the 10:00-10:30 office hour. Please let me know if you will want to meet with me in the office hour immediately following our class. 2. On Feb. 10 we will begin to give the class presentations. Since there are more students in the class than I originally anticipated I will limit the presentations to 8 minutes. Since you will only have eight minutes, focus on what you think are the most interesting or most important points. You can even just focus on one or two pages from the readings if you wish. Base your presentation on the materials in our textbooks on the philosopher or reading I
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Unformatted text preview: have assigned to you. Use at least one non-textbook source too (i.e. do a little research.) You should have an outline with correct citation for non-textbook sources. I will set up my computer and you can use a CD or a flash drive on that to display your outline. Power-point presentations are O.K. The overhead projector is O.K. Handouts are O.K. Try to make the material interesting for your fellow students. I will grade for accuracy, understanding, clarity, English, and creativity. Here are the first assignments. If you will not be able to present on that day, please let me know ASAP and I will reschedule you. I will soon schedule everyone in the class. Feb. 10 Comparan, Megan Thales Baird 8-10, Waterfield 11-13 Corona, Christopher Anaximander Baird 10-12, Waterfield 13-17 Feb 17 Cruz, Marco. Xenophanes Baird 17-18, Waterfield 22-30 Deason, Megan Heraclitus focus on first half of Waterfield 32-39...
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