Pols 223 syllabus, Spring, 2010

Pols 223 syllabus, Spring, 2010 - Syllabus Ken Nuger Pub....

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Syllabus Ken Nuger Office: Clark Hall, 453 Pub. Adm. 223 Phone: 924-5346 6 p.m.Thursday email: kpnuger@email.sjsu.edu HGH 116 Office Hours: 10:30-12 T TH Spring, 2010 4:45-5:45, TH, and by app't. Course Website: http://www.sjsu.edu/people/ken.nuger/ Pol. Sci. 223: Law and Public Administration This seminar concentrates on the legal and political processes that affect how government agencies adopt rules and regulations when implementing laws that affect society and agency personnel. This focus is fairly complex and requires analyzing several components of the administrative process including bureaucratic structures as well as historical, statutory and constitutional developments. The course will trace the process of administrative rule and order making while integrating other relevant factors such as information gathering, judicial review and administrative liability. We will examine public employee rights and current issues affecting administrative policymaking. Toward the semester's end, we shall attempt to reconcile and synthesize these several problem areas and explore theories that help fit the inherently undemocratic nature of administrative law into our constitutional democracy. Texts Stephen Cann, Administrative Law, 4 th ed. In addition to the text, cases and other relevant materials may be assigned as they become useful to our class. Grading There will be two exams, one midterm and a final. Each exam is worth 100 points. You will also write a research paper no less than 10 pages and not more than 15 pages, not including the title page and bibliography. The topic is your choice but must be integrally related to some aspect of administrative law. The paper is worth 50 points. The paper will be due no later than Thursday, May 13 th . If you turn in your paper late, you will automatically receive a 10 point penalty. While not a tangible aspect of your final grade, as this class is a seminar, thoughtful participation throughout the semester will make it easier for me to give you the benefit of the doubt on your final grade if you are in between two grades. Attendance Regular attendance is crucial for a seminar. While not graded, regular attendance exposes you to our material, allows you to ponder and discuss your perceptions, insights and questions with the class and generally allows you to further the intellectual complexity of our class discussions. To
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Pols 223 syllabus, Spring, 2010 - Syllabus Ken Nuger Pub....

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