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MTM_217_leadership_syl - MANAGE THINGS-LEAD PEOPLE MTM 217...

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MANAGE THINGS—LEAD PEOPLE MTM 217 Leadership and Instructor: Ron Sylvia, Ph.D. Phone: (408) 924-5553 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 4:30 to 6 PM Course Format: This will be a seminar in leadership that requires everybody to have read each week's reading assignments prior to coming to class. When appropriate in the course of the readings, fill out the assessment materials as honestly and completely as possible. Please pay careful attention to the discussion questions at the end of each chapter of the Durbin text. The professor will provide some lecture materials, but we will primarily engage in discussions about leadership using case materials and contained in the text and through the links below. Students will be called upon by name to provide insights about the specific readings and concepts. Grading: Because leadership is so much about effective communications, a substantial percentage of your grade will be based on class participation (25%). You will also be
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