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Program of Study M. S. in Nursing (Please Check One) Option: Nurse Administrator Nurse Educator Post Master’s Nurse Educator Status: conditionally classified classified Name: ____________________________, ____________________ SID: _________-______ - ___________ (Last) (First) E-mail: __________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ Please list all courses already taken, currently enrolled in, and plan to take in the future towards the degree! Follow the required courses for your option (see program information). (At least 10 courses should be listed below) Type: Course: Sem/Yr: Grade: Remarks: Writing Requirement: Required: Please Check Yes or No Sem/Yr Completed or Plan to Complete: C NURS 200 WST Yes or No C NURS 202 HPRF 100W) Yes or No C NURS 204 C NURS 295 O Conditions: Please Check Yes or No O Econ1A B or better Yes or
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Advising_FormNursingProgram_of_study - Sem/Yr Admitted into...

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