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Listen • Speak • Engage COMM 100W, Writing Workshop page 1 of 2 Final Project Options Autoethnography An autoethnography combines autobiography (the stories we tell about ourselves) and ethnography (the stories we tell about social groups or cultures). Thus an autoethnography is an exploration of ourselves in the various contexts that define us. Such writing may assert alternative forms of meaning and power from those associated with dominant culture. For this assignment you are asked to create a representation of you in relation to the world around you. Read 5 scholarly articles on a human cultural phenomenon that intrigues you. Write a creative, performative essay that demonstrates how you help to create that phenomenon and how that phenomenon helps to create you (in other words, how is communication functioning to make this phenomenon possible), and with what consequences (and for whom). You should address the following questions: What is the phenomenon you have chosen? How does it describe you? How is your idea of yourself defined by this context? How do you help create this phenomenon by participating in it? How does your identity change in response to various impulses of this phenomenon? How does this phenomenon (or people involved in it) view you? What problems or issues does this phenomenon raise that are important for the communication strategies involved? What are the implications of this phenomenon for your audience? Book Review
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Final_Project_Formats_details - Listen Speak Engage Final...

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