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History - "HISTORY and"MUSIC HISTORY Gordon Haramaki Music...

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“HISTORY” and “MUSIC HISTORY” Gordon Haramaki, Music 12 What is History? History is: A written narrative (a story) told from a particular point of view about what was written in the past. The source of historical knowledge is usually what was written, in contrast to what is physically preserved (the realm of archaeology). Historians frequently emphasize the importance of written records. This emphasis has led to the term prehistory , referring to a time before written sources are available. Since writing emerged at different times throughout the world, the distinction between prehistory and history often depends on the topic. Western-European “History” can be thought of as beginning in with the Ancient Greeks of Classical Antiquity and the first written record of the Olympic Games in BC 776… And with the Founding of Rome in BC 753 The inclusion of Mesopotamia (4,000 B.C.)—located in the Middle East—in this “Western-European” narrative is for the reason of its invention and use of writing, including the notation of music. Music History
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