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Oral History (MAS10B Spr10)

Oral History (MAS10B Spr10) - MAS 10B Spring 2010 Final...

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MAS 10B Spring 2010 1 Final Essay (300 points) Due Date In-Class at 10:00am on Monday, May 17 Papers submitted after this time will be considered late. Overview This take-home final essay provides you with the opportunity to conduct an oral history interview and analyze someone’s life story. In the process, you will not only learn about the experiences of a Mexican American person in your community, but you also will have a chance to connect this life story to the events and trends that we have discussed in class this semester—in short, you will be bringing history to life! For many of you, this assignment may be a chance to spend time with and get to know an elderly relative or neighbor and to personalize your connections to our course materials. There are two elements to this assignment: P ART O NE : Interview (3-page minimum; 5 pages maximum) First, you will conduct an interview with a person who has significant memories to share—ideally, a Mexican or Mexican American who is at least 60 years old, but an elderly relative (80 years or more!) would be best. If you do not know an older person of Mexican descent, you are welcome to interview someone of an appropriate age from your own family or racial/ethnic background. Be sure ahead of time that you have this person’s permission to use his or her life story for your essay. Questions to help you prepare for the interview begin on page three, and additional interview tips can be found on the beige “Tips for Conducting an Oral History Interview” handout. Then, in an essay or story form—not in a Q & A format!—write up the information you gather during your interview. P ART T WO : Analysis (3-page minimum; 5 pages maximum) In this section, you should connect aspects of your interviewee’s life story to the twentieth-century history that we have been learning all semester long. You also must provide your interpretation of WHY your interviewee’s life unfolded as it did, in light of his or her experiences in terms of class, culture, color and/or gender. Over the course of the interview, your subject may identify a pivotal event that impacted his or her life. For instance, perhaps you had a grandfather who was a bracero, in which case you might compare his particular experiences to what you learned about the Bracero Program generally.
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  • Barrera,Magdalena;Covarrubias,Jesus
  • life story, Mexican American, Hispanic and Latino Americans, oral history interview, additional interview tips

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Oral History (MAS10B Spr10) - MAS 10B Spring 2010 Final...

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