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ChAD 169 Group Project Rubric

ChAD 169 Group Project Rubric - ChAD 169 Motivating...

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ChAD 169: Motivating Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings Spring 2010 Student Presentation Description Throughout the course of the semester students will present information about a specific theory or topic. Each presentation is about 45-50 minutes in length and is worth 30 points. Students will work in groups of 4-5 people and will develop a project that will pose questions and stimulate discussion on the topic or theory. Students are required to work in teams although the bulk of the points will be given on an individual basis during the actual presentation. Some examples of projects done for presentations are producing a film or documentary, holding a mock debate, conducting a small research project, or hosting a game show. The presentation should be based on peer-reviewed sources obtained outside of class. Guidelines: 1. Your presentation must illustrate the concepts or various aspects of the theory or topic in detail. This presentation should focus on new information and not overlap with course material. 2. Your presentation must raise meaningful questions about the concept, theory or topic – and allow for class discussion. You will need to involve the class in your presentation.
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